New Patients: Your First Visit

What is it that you want from your smile? At Hornbrook Center for Dentistry we can help you to achieve some of the very best cosmetic dentistry results in the entire nation.

Actual patients of Dr. Hornbrook

It’s no wonder so many of our patients are dentists themselves.

New Patient Forms

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your cosmetic dentistry goals. We strive to keep our appointments on time, as scheduled.

Prior to your appointment, we encourage you to use the link below to fill out your new patient forms so we can accelerate your check-in process.


If you are unable to download our patient forms, we recommend arriving to your appointment 15-30 minutes early so that you can have ample time to fill out the appropriate forms.

Smile Makeover Consultations

Please reserve approximately two hours for our smile makeover consultations. During your visit, we will sit and meet with you exclusively about what concerns you have and your vision for your smile. In many cases, we can also arrange to have your records (such as periodontal exams) and existing x-rays sent over from your current dentist. This can save you time and prevent the need for repetitive data gathering.

Our assistant will then escort you to one of our examination rooms so that Dr. Hornbrook or Dr. Souza can examine your areas of concern and discuss the timeframe that you have in mind. After he has outlined all his recommendations, one of our assistants will explain the treatment plan step by step, including the dollar amounts involved. If you need assistance coordinating travel or hotels, we can help with that as well!

Looking for a New Dentist in San Diego?

Are you visiting Hornbrook Center for Dentistry to find a new dental care provider for ongoing oral health and maintenance? We’re very happy to assist you. As with our initial smile makeover evaluations, we place a strong emphasis on your initial visit so that we can best meet your unique needs. Let us know how we can help to assure those concerns are met!

Your visit will start with a private interview with one of our assistants to gather relevant information. Then, Dr. Hornbrook or Dr. Souza will stop by to perform a tooth-by-tooth exam and recommend any necessary treatment.

Like aesthetic consultations, you should plan on being in our office for about two hours for this comprehensive assessment. If your schedule allows, we can often coordinate a cleaning with our hygienist on the same day. Exams generally cost $125 to $300, depending on the situation. When x-rays need to be taken, the price ranges between $38 to $250.

What Days Do You See Patients?

At Hornbook Center for Dentistry, we schedule appointments Monday-Thursday.

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