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Due to our unique boutique cosmetic practice, Hornbrook Center for Dentistry is not in network with any specific dental insurance plans. However, we can still file claims on your behalf and all reimbursements will come directly to you, as opposed to our practice.

Hornbrook Center for Dentistry financing office areaThere are a lot of things we can bill your insurance for, like exams, x-rays, and necessary restorations such as porcelain crowns or composite fillings. Of course, cosmetic services are not covered by insurance, but if there is a clinical need such as decay or infection where a particular procedure transforms from a “want” to a “need,” you can often expect some type of coverage to be involved.

Unfortunately MediCal/DentiCal does not cover at our office.

LendingClub — We’ll Pay the Interest for 12 Months

Dramatic smile makeovers require careful planning and sometimes even a budget. We are happy to partner with Lending Club for convenient and affordable monthly payments. Apply online or over the phone — most people receive a response within 15 minutes.

Dr. Hornbrook has a special agreement with Lending Club, where we pay the interest for up to 12 months on all patient financing plans. If you choose to go beyond the one year interest-free plan, you can opt to extend payments for up to 84 months.

Ask About Our Pre-Payment Courtesy Discount

If you’re paying for your procedure in full at least one week prior to beginning any treatment, and your balance is $1,000 or more, we’ll offer a 5% courtesy discount for cash and check payments, or a 3% courtesy discount when payments are applied to a credit card.

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