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Dr. Hornbrook is “The Dentist’s Dentist”

Hornbrook Center for Dentistry, San Diego's leading dental office, has been providing complex smile makeover services for over 30 years. Founded by Dr. David S. Hornbrook in 1986, we’re known for educating and training cosmetic dentists from around the country.

In fact, Dr. Hornbrook only sees patients three days a week at his office, and travels to lecture and teach almost every weekend out of the year. As a world-renowned lecturer and educator, Dr. Hornbrook has led the cosmetic dental industry for nearly two decades.

In 2020, Dr. Hornbrook invited seasoned and talented dentist, Dr. Laura Souza, to join his team. Born and raised in Brazil, Dr. Souza earned her first dental degree at Universidade Federal of Rio Grande do Sul in 2008, on a full scholarship. Later, she earned her second dental degree from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

If any practice can help you achieve a beautiful smile that will confer confidence and health for years to come, it’s Hornbrook Center for Dentistry.

Leading Technology in Patient Care

We’re one of the only dental practices in San Diego to use dental lasers during every preventive care appointment to provide laser decontamination jointly with your cleaning. Lasers are also effective in treating gum disease, cold sores, and performing cosmetic gingival recontouring.

“As a smile designer, I help people improve their self-image by improving their smile, and as health practitioner, I help them maintain health for a lifetime.” - Dr. David S. Hornbrook

Smile Makeovers in San Diego

Our office is best known for life-changing smile makeovers and high quality restorative treatments.

In fact, Dr. Hornbrook only works with Master Ceramists to provide some of the best dental veneers and porcelain crowns in the industry.

What is it that you want to change about yourself? Do you have crooked or misshaped teeth? Does your smile leave you feeling embarrassed? At Hornbrook Center for Dentistry, you can experience a complex smile makeover that changes more than just your teeth… it changes your life.

Many Of Our Patients Come From Over Three Hours Away

Tourism dentistry is becoming increasingly popular, especially when educated patients are seeking out the very best care experience possible. At the Hornbrook Center for Dentistry, many of Dr. Hornbrook’s patients come to us from across the country and even from around the globe. We are even happy to assist you in arranging lodging and transportation.

Experience the Smile of Your Dreams

Why do people come from so far to see us? Because Dr. Hornbrook is one of only 62 Fellows of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry — the highest recognition among the most prestigious aesthetic dentists in the nation.

Call our office today to arrange your comprehensive smile makeover evaluation. Convenient financing options are available.

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