Preventative & Periodontal Dentistry

Preventative and Periodontal Dentistry in San Diego, CA

While Hornbrook Center for Dentistry is known for our industry-leading cosmetic dental services, we also provide ongoing care and maintenance for patients in need of a San Diego dentist. In fact, many of Dr. Hornbrook’s and Dr. Souza's patients are dentists as well.

Family of 4 who can all go to the same dentist for preventive dentistry services at Hornbrook Center for Dentistry.
Actual patients of Dr. Hornbrook

Our emphasis on cosmetics and optimal oral health impacts everything that we do. How can we help you to create the smile of your dreams?

Laser Decontamination

One of the things that makes our hygiene department unique is our implementation of soft tissue lasers for decontamination purposes. During preventive cleanings, the state-of-the-art device is used to reduce the number of active bacteria along the gumlines, for healthier teeth and smiles. It’s included in the price of the dental cleaning, which ranges between $150 to $250. We also utilize Diagnodent laser cavity detection as part of your checkup.

Periodontal Therapy with Lasers

When managing periodontal disease, laser therapy is an efficient way to boost your response to deep cleanings or scaling and root planing. The tool is used in combination with ultrasonic instrumentation. Depending on the type of insurance that you carry, we may break the visit up into multiple appointments. Because gum disease can jeopardize the health of both your smile and your body, we frequently screen for periodontitis as part of each routine exam.

Dental Guards for Snoring, Bruxing (Grinding) and Athletics

A custom made mouthguard is one of the best ways to avoid damage to your smile or an accidental injury.

  • Snore Guards: No sleep study necessary. If you battle with snoring, all we need is an impression to have a lab made device ready for you to sleep in.
  • Sports Guards: From traditional guards to Under Armour devices for improved performance, our custom appliances offer greater protection for the athlete in your family.
  • Bruxing Guards: Chronic clenching and grinding can break or wear down your teeth. We have a variety of different designs available, from NTI splints to full arch guards.
  • Deprogrammers: As part of your full mouth rehabilitation, it may be necessary to wear a deprogramming or “release appliance” for the 2-3 weeks prior to having impressions made.

Depending on the type of guard being made, costs range from $450 to $900.

Dental Exams and VELScope Oral Cancer Screenings

New patient and recall exams generally cost between $150 to $250 without dental insurance. As part of your detailed evaluation, we implement modern oral cancer screening tools like VELScope, to identify pathological or precancerous tissues earlier than ever.

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