Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in San Diego, CA

At Hornbrook Center for Dentistry, we utilize dental lasers for multiple patient care routines. We feature diode lasers in every operatory throughout our practice. From your preventive cleaning, to treating a minor issue like a cold sore, to performing complex smile makeovers, laser dentistry at our dentistry in San Diego, CA is a revolutionary tool that enhance both your results and your comfort.

Laser Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Man smiling after laser dentistry treatment to remove a cold sore.
Actual patient of Dr. Hornbrook

If you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, a therapeutic deep cleaning can help to remove infectious bacteria and aid in recovery. However, combining laser treatments for gum disease in combination with your scaling and root planing procedure offers a higher chance of improvement than deep cleanings on their own.

Lasers aid in elimination of diseased tissues and bacteria, while leaving healthy gingiva unharmed. As such, it is possible to promote faster, more successful healing rates with laser dentistry.

Soft Tissue Sculpting (“Gingival Recontouring”)

Your gingival tissues should provide an ideal form for your beautiful smile. If you have uneven or excessive tissue areas, it can make teeth appear short or your smile “gummy.” With lasers, Dr. Hornbrook and Dr. Souza can delicately reshape your gumlines so that they complement the shape of your individual teeth and smile as a whole. Most people experience very little discomfort and the recovery is quite easy.

Laser Decontamination During Preventive Cleanings

As part of your preventive cleaning (usually every six months), our laser-certified hygienists provide decontamination to inhibit the development of gingivitis and gum disease. We use it as part of every prophylactic appointment.

Care for Aphthous Ulcers, Cold Sores, and Fibromas

Do you feel a cold sore popping up? Do you happen to have a small raised area of tissue inside of your mouth that you always seem to catch with your teeth? Our Erbium:YAG laser allows us to treat ulcers quickly so that you can be on your way to recovery in less than half of the normal time. Plus, we can use it to remove annoying growths or raised scar tissue.

Hard Tissue Lasers and Drill-Free Fillings

A hand holding a laser too used for laser dentistry services at Hornbrook Center for Dentistry in San Diego.Dr. Hornbrook and Dr, Souza may also use our Erbium laser to alter bone levels for complex smile designs that require a certain amount of bone density, preventing our patients from needing surgery. It is also used to prepare small cavities and remove decay, often not even requiring anesthetic.

As one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the world, many dentists come to San Diego or attend Dr. Hornbrook’s lectures to learn more about his techniques. Dr. Hornbrook works with some of the newest and most advanced lasers in the industry, allowing us to provide minimally-invasive, often pain-free procedures that enhance both your comfort and your dental health.

For more information on what our San Diego laser dentist can offer you, call Hornbrook Center for Dentistry today to book a smile makeover consultation.

At Hornbrook Center for Dentistry, we work with only the top Master Ceramists to provide impeccable porcelain dental veneers that transform both your smile and your life.

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